About conference

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The Arab International conference on mathematics and computations is a scientific, refereed and periodically conference sponsored by Zarqa University and held at Zarqa University. The conference aims at providing a suitable climate for scientific researchers to have direct communication and discuss important scientific issues in all areas of mathematics and statistics. It also aims at promoting interaction and cooperation between researchers and between scientific institutions in the various fields of mathematics around the world. State-of- art lectures will be presented by invited keynote speakers.
About the University

Zarqa University was established in 1994. In a few years the university has been able to play an important role in the community by graduating enlightened individuals armed with science and faith. The University consists of the following faculties: Shari'a, Arts, Science and Information Technology, Economics and administrative Sciences, Educational Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Allied medical Sciences Nursing and Engineering Technology.

The Faculty of Science and information technology consists of the following departments:

Physics, internet technology, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Software Engineering and Mathematics which was established in 1994 and Grant bachelor's and master's degrees.

Master's degree in Mathematics

As a contribution from the university and due to the need for scientific research the college and the department of Mathematics have developed the master's program in mathematics to provide highly qualified cadres to serve in various areas allocated to them, and to achieve the university's vision "distinction in the rendering of education and research and community services on the local, regional and international levels".

As well as the University offers master's degree in computer science, Marketing, Accounting, English and Arabic languages.